Friday, April 1, 2011

Who Wore it Better: Final Four Edition

Daily Onions takes a shot at the always fun US Weekly game, "Who Wore It Better?" Obviously all of our questions will be Final Four related:
  • Who Wore it Better: Young Coach: Brad Stevens or Shaka Smart?
  • Who Wore it Better: Dirty Coach: John Calipari or Jim Calhoun?
  • Who Wore it Better: Tournament Game-winning shots: Brandon Knight or Matt Howard?
  • Who Wore It Better: Freshman Making a Difference: Jeremy Lamb or Kentucky's Young'ns?
  • Who Wore It Better: Dogs: Bulldogs or Huskies?
  • Who Wore It Better: Lamb: Deron (UK) or Jeremy (UConn)
  • Who Wore It Better: Potential Uncreative Headline: Butler Did It Again or Yes UConn or Top Cats/Blue Heaven or Insert Shaka/Cinderella/VC-Whew headline?
Daily Onions Answers/Predictions: Stevens, Calipari, Knight, Jeremy, Bulldogs, Jeremy, Nobody Wins on this one. We'll check back this weekend with a breakdown of the results.

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