Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ONIONS Exposed

As promised, today is the day we get to highlight the winner of the 1st Annual Show Us Your ONIONS competition. We are lucky enough to chat with one of Daily Onions earliest supporters, and he even helped name this lovely space. Here's a sit down, virtual interview with Show Us Your Onions winner, Brady Smith. 

Daily Onions: How many times did you fill out a bracket before showing everyone your Onions?
Brady Smith: It was hard, but I filled up two before I let my onions hang out. Umm, that's what she said??

DO: Why did you pick UConn to win it all?
BS: That's simple: they were the Big East champs, one of the hottest teams in the country with five straight wins, and had arguably the best player and "game closer" in the nation in Kemba Walker. Plus, picking Duke to advance out of that region made me wanna puke.

DO: Who is the dirtier coach, John Calipari or Jim Calhoun?
BS: Ahh, yes I’ll take, “Dude Whose Agent/Business Associate/Friend/Whatever is Nicknamed World Wide Wes” for $500, Alex. (Editor's Note: Yes, that is correct. Brady keeps control of the board.)

DO: If you were a high school senior and were being recruited to play basketball, what coach would you want to play for?
BS: Well, I actually WAS a highly recruited high school senior … Izzo, Bobby Knight, Coach K would not stop calling my house. It got really annoying, especially since I didn’t even play on an organized hoops team. I guess that’s what being a street ball legend with a killer sky hook will do for you. In all seriousness, I think most people would say Butler’s young, affable coach Brad Stevens, but I’m afraid if I go with Stevens that Mr. Daily Onions would morph into a teenage girl, become insanely jealous and de-friend me on Facebook (Editor's Note: True story, I would.). So because I bleed Gold and Blue, and because I highly value the ability to give a good face rub in times of adversity … I gotta go with my boy Bobby Huggins.

DO: Who is a better rebounder, Charles Barkley or you?
BS: Some basketball historians would argue that I was the first original Round Mound of Rebound. Others would say that’s freaking ridiculous, considering I was 4 when “Chuck Broccoli” was a rookie for the Sixers. So, I’d say it’s a toss-up.

DO: Is the 1st Annual Show Us Your Onions contest the coolest thing you've ever won in your life? If no, what was?
BS: I think it’s a cross between this, All-South Jersey Choir in fifth grade (Editor's note: Yes, he really was an All-South Jersey Choir member...flexing his golden pipes back in the day), and my Unsung Hero award in baseball for hitting .240 as a designated hitter my senior year of high school.

DO: How much money would you pay to spend a weekend with Bill Raftery?
BS: Forget spending a weekend with him – I’d pay $1,000 to anyone who can decipher what the hell he’s saying half the time.

DO: What is your favorite saying of Bill Raftery's?
BS: C’mon dude. There’s no better call in sports then a true Raftery ONIONS call after a big shot – a la Morehead State in the tourney.

DO: If you had to name your first born son after a player or coach from this year's tournament, what name would you choose?
BS: Shaka Smith has a great ring to it. But I guess Kemba Smith would be more appropriate, since I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t for him. I think my son will look more like a Kemba then a Shaka, come to think of it. (Editor's Note: Interesting that Brady passed up on names like Jimmer, Momo, Shabazz).

DO: Last question: Crystal Ball - who wins the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship? 
BS: Whew – talk about a long way off. I think I’ll just stick with my formula of picking the Big East champ, so the question becomes – “who will win the 2012 Big East Championship?” Daily Onions will surely be psyched about this pick, but with the veteran Latin American core of Scoop Jar-diene, Brandon Tri-chey, Fabio Melo Yellow, and Hall-of-Fame coach Jim Boe-heimanos, I’m picking El Cuso to take the Big East and win the whole damn thing in New Orleans (Editor's Note: Don't even ask why Brady has turned Syracuse into the Latin All-Stars). You want more reasons to like the Orange? How about the Final Four is in New Orleans in 2012 – site of the Cuse’s last national championship win in 2003? What’s that - you want more? How about UConn cut down the nets one year later in 2004 … in the state of Texas like this year? Write it down. Cuse’s back in the house, OH MY GOD … Cuse’s back in the house OHHH NOOOO.

(Editor's Note: We absolutely LOVE the pick. In fact, Daily Onions was sitting court-side when the 'Cuse cut down the nets in 2003 in the SUperdome. Anyone up for a trip to NOLA next April??)

There you have it. We have officially completed year 1 of Show Us Your Onions (actually, the t-shirt is still in production). Thanks to over the 30 people that participated in our contest this year, and we REALLY appreciate everyone reading throughout the season. Make sure you stay with us for what should be an exciting NBA playoff season.

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