Sunday, April 17, 2011

Opening Tweet-end of the NBA Playoffs

In case you missed any action from the Opening Weekend of the NBA Playoffs, Daily Onions is your one stop shop to catch up on things - twitter style. The following commentary is a list of tweets we might have tweeted throughout the weekend. 140 characters or less, hash tags included.

Bulls vs. Pacers
-Tyler Hansbrough > Carlos Boozer today. Just another entry in the UNC-Duke rivalry.
-Thaaaat's a technical foul. Luol Deng is lucky his T with 5 minutes lit a fire for the Bulls, and didn't backfire for the Bulls.
-Derrick Rose is just ridiculous. Name another PG that can get to the rim and finish like that....whenever they want. #MVP
-Is Kyle Korver going to be the 2011 version of John Paxson and Steve Kerr for the Bulls? After 1 playoff game, looks like it
-Pacers coach Frank Vogel compared Rose to Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, Chauncey Billups and Michael Jordan all in one sentence.
-Pacers best player Kevin Granger compared Rose to a crazy stalker ex-girlfriend. I think Rose will appreciate Vogel's comparison a bit more.

Sixers vs. Heat
-Sixers show they can play w/ Heat. Playing w/ a team & beating a team are 2 different things. Beating team & winning series also different.
-For all the Bosh supporters, one good game in the playoffs against Spencer Hawes doesn't mean Bosh is the man. Give it some time.

Magic vs. Hawks
-Etan Thomas, Cuse alum, and all around good guy. But jeez, he was getting abused by Dwight Howard (46 points) a loss for the Magic.
-Howard and Jameer Nelson combined for 73 of the team's 93 points. Orlando, enjoy Howard while you still have him. #FreeAgency2012

Blazers vs. Mavericks
-Blazers over Mavs is the trendy upset/#12 over #5 pick of this year's playoffs/tourney. Mavs hold serve in Game 1.

Spurs vs. Grizzlies
-Shane Battier's the type of guy who hits game winner for first franchise playoff win then welcomes second child into world. #DayToRemember

Lakers vs. Hornets
-I didn't watch this game, but saw the highlights. Lakers better find someone to guard Chris Paul; 33 and 14. #RoseStillBetter

-Refs w/ questionable offensive foul against Melo to start the game, and to end the game. #SwallowtheWhistle2011.
-Ray Allen drains another clutch shot. Weird. #BestPureShooterEver
-Doc Rivers coached em up in final minute. Lob on out of bounds play, and back screen to free Allen for game winner. #WhoNeedsIsolation
-Melo getting ripped on Twitter for poor play down the stretch. #SportsIn2011

Nuggets vs. Thunder
-"Oh Nene....a foreign facial!" #ThingsIanEagleSays
- Russell Westbrook = Derrick Rose Lite
-Better Combo? Birdman's mohawk and tats, or Harden's mohawk and Moses beard?
-Thunder coaching staff includes HC Scott Brooks, and Mo Cheeks. #1988Philadelphia76ers
-Kevin Durant starting to take the game over in the 4th quarter, also known as "Derrick Rosing."
-Nene has dunked on like 4 different players on the Thunder this game. #ForeignFacials
-For what its worth, OKC is a fun and likable team to root for. Will it win them a few playoff series? We'll see.

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