Friday, April 8, 2011

Diced Onions: Week in Review

You've probably been wondering....wha happened? Where did the Onions go? Well, we needed a little break, and had to catch up on some things outside of the Onions world. No fear though, we are here to recap many things we've been thinking about over the week.

-You officially know the NCAA Tournament is over when...
  • You delete the March Madness On Demand App from your iPad or iPhone (what a great addition that thing was to the tournament though...whew).
  • You stop having dreams about when you met Brad Stevens (wait, all of you didn't have this dream...nevermind).
  • You start seeing waaaay too many underclassmen declaring for the NBA Draft. Since when did it become "cool" to be a mid to late first round pick? Remember when you only came out of college early if you were going to be a Top 10 pick? Yeah, me too. That's one of the reasons we are seeing "down" years in basketball, as well as younger players who are either struggling or riding the pine (or should we say cushioned seats) in the NBA.
  • You yell ONIONS! when someone at work does something great under pressure, just to fill the void of Raftery in your life. You also throw in the Gus Johnson patented "HAHA" at the end of different statements.
  • You realize you have about 350 days until you "gamble" on a sporting event again.
  • You are waiting for Daily Onions to post an entry about this year's Show Us Your Onions Winner (coming early next week).
-With the end of the college basketball season, comes the beginning of the pre-draft NBA workouts and the Portsmouth Invitational, a showcase for college seniors. I'm Sorry Rick Jackson is showcasing his double-double-bility this week for the K & D Rounds Landscaping team. They already beat Sales System Ltd in Round 1. If they keep winning they might play Cherry, Bekaert and Holland in the finals. We LOVE the fact that these team names are completely local business sponsors. Brings us back to the days when we played street hockey for Adams Service Center, and were competing against the likes of Little John's Towing, Parker and Dudas, R and S Collectibles, to name a few. My brother and I always wanted to sponsor a youth sports team, and then become the Maloofs or Mark Cuban of youth sports by having the nicest uniforms, buying the kids gatorades and snacks after the game. Maybe Daily Onions will look to sponsor a little hoops squad next season.

-We'll start to shift our attention to the NBA now, with the playoffs only 9 days away. Congrats to South Jersey native, Frank Vogel, for clinching a playoff berth for the Indiana Pacers, after taking over midway through the season. Elsewhere, if Derrick Rose didn't put the stamp on this year's MVP with his performance against the Celtics last night, we aren't quite sure what else he could do. He took Rajon Rondo's pants off (credited to Ramy) a few times in the Bulls blowout victory over Boston. The Celts didn't look like the dominant team that everyone is scared to face in the playoffs. We know they usually can turn it on when it counts, but we'll see if the team will recover from the Kendrick Perkins trade that obviously has shaken up the team on and off the court.

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