Friday, December 3, 2010

"You're Supposed to Take Care of Your Kids!"

The title of this post references a Chris Rock rant, where he gets mad at people for taking credit for things they are supposed to be doing ("I take care of my kids...." "I've never been to jail before"...etc). So why do I bring that up.....because the Miami Heat are SUPPOSED to beat the Cavs by 28 points.  The Cavs start Joey Graham and Anthony Parker, and get minutes from Jawad Williams, Ryan Hollins, and Jamario Moon....definitely not passing the name/smell/sight test.

LeBron had the last laugh on Thursday night. (Getty Images)
Granted, I know it was a very emotional night in Cleveland and we all wanted to see how LeBron responded. Give LeBron credit, he went off.  38 points in 30 minutes - didn't even play the 4th quarter. LeBron is arguably one of the top 2-3 players in the NBA, and we have come to expect performances like that on a more consistent basis.  Maybe that's our fault for expecting too much, but it has seemed like LeBron (and the Heat) have been sleep walking through the first 20 games of the season. Maybe this was the game they needed to really get going...time will tell.

Let's not act surprised though, that LeBron dropped 38 and Miami blew out a bad, surprisingly uninspired (for the last 3 quarters) Cavs team.....that's what he and the Heat are supposed to do.

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