Friday, December 17, 2010

All Daily Onions Wants for Christmas is.....

-Someone who can shoot for Syracuse
-An NCAA Tournament berth for Northwestern – they have NEVER been to the NCAA Tournament (off to a good start this year at 7-0)
-A guarantee that no seasons will be wiped off the books at Kentucky while Calipari is there (Santa is shaking his head right now)
-DePaul to play their home games on campus in the heart of Lincoln Park, and not out at O’Hare – what’s that, you only have a small gym on campus – it’s cool, not many people are going to your games now anyway.
-The Big East to have 3 teams in the Final 4, and/or 6 teams in Elite 8 to prove their basketball dominance
Frank Martin, on a calm day.
 -A kinder, gentler Frank Martin (watching Kansas State games before bedtime will lead to nightmares)
-A step in the right direction for St. Johns – need NYC back in college basketball scene
-Success for young coaches Josh Pastner and Brad Stevens at respective schools, for a looooong time.
-No more rebuilding years for Tom Crean at Indiana
-A few minutes of a game for Rutgers coach Mike Rice to sit down and not say anything. Relax coach...believe me, your players don’t appreciate ridicule on every single play
-A full, healthy season for Duke's Kyrie Irving
Sweet vest, Coach Wright
-A new three-piece suit for Villanova’s Jay Wright – actually nevermind, he has way too many of those. While were at it, no need to get Bob Huggins another black windbreaker, or Mike Brey a mock turtleneck...what is up with Big East coaches wardrobes?
-A little less Dick Vitale  - you've done wonderful things for the game of college basketball, I'm just a bit worn out from you, that's all
-Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery calling the Final 4 and Championship game

I don't think this is too much to ask. Happy Holidays!

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