Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Blog? Why Onions?

Basketball has been one of my favorite things from since I can remember. I've played, I've coached, I've watched, I've worked...I've pretty much done everything you can regarding basketball....except blog about it! So why not start doing it now.

This blog will focus mostly on the college hoops world, and maybe a little NBA and other basketball talk sprinkled in. When I watch college basketball, nothing excites me more than when Bill Raftery or Gus Johnson are on the call - so in honor of Raftery's favorite crunch-time call, "ONIONS!", this blog was born...and a special thank you to Brady Smith for the recommendation (Header photos courtesy of CBS Sports).

Hopefully this space will give me the opportunity to get out all things I've been thinking when watching hoops this season, to keep my basketball mind sharp and fulfill the enjoyment I have for writing. With that said, to start it off, let's go "mantoman"....and if you have any comments, feel free to "send it in".

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