Friday, December 17, 2010

Three Days, Three Games, Three Alma Maters

 Let the countdown to Big E Hoops Weekend begin.  You may be asking what is this Big E Hoops Weekend Daily Onions speaks of? Pull up a chair, its pretty cool.
Cuse Is In the House, Oh My God

As I’ve mentioned, I went to Syracuse University. Many of my closest friends that I grew up went to West (by god) Virginia University. Another one of my best friends went to Monmouth University.

Somehow, someway, the basketball scheduling gods have aligned and look what they’ve done. 

Saturday, January 15th – Monmouth University (yep, they have a Division 1 basketball program) at Robert Morris University (in Pittsburgh, basically)
Sunday, January 16th – Purdue at West Virginia University (in Morgantown)
(Big) Monday, January 17th – Syracuse at Pittsburgh (in Pittsburgh)
Almost Heaven.

For those of you scoring at home, that’s three college hoops games, in three days, featuring the schools that my closest friends and I attended, all within an hour and a half of each other. 

Home base for the weekend will be the Palace of Brady and Brandi Smith in the Steel City. Final roster for the weekend is still being determined, but it looks like we’ll be going at least 6 deep.

What is this? The Monmouth Logo.
As we approach that epic weekend, Daily Onions will not only take a look at the teams participating in the games, but we’ll also highlight the people making the trip.

And I know you are all wondering….and the answer is yes. Daily Onions will have a running diary of all (well, maybe not all) the weekend’s activities. Stay tuned….just 28 days away.

Daily Onions Note: Check back later today for Daily Onions Christmas List!

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  1. Monmouth's logo is a combination of an angry bluebird and Dracula.