Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Show Us Your ONIONS! Update

We had just over 30 entries in the 1st Annnual “Show Us Your Onions” competition. Below you will be able to see who picked what, and who everyone has winning it all (the first team listed) and who they have in the Final 4 (top four teams). Any teams currently in red have been eliminated. Sunday was a rough day for many of us, knocking out Syracuse, Purdue, Notre Dame and Texas. There is one entry that has 7 of 8 teams still alive (Kenny Warner), a couple with 6 of 8 still alive, and lots of entries with 5 of 8. Games start back up on Thursday, and our first scoreboard will be released after the Elite 8 is set late Friday night.  Thanks for your participation and for your daily reads!

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