Sunday, March 27, 2011

Show Us Your ONIONS: And then there were three....

The 1st Annual Show Us Your ONIONS contest, which had over 30 people enter, is now down to 3 potential winners. No one had Butler or VCU in their Elite 8, while only one person had Kentucky. When we break things down to the Final 4, 10 entries have UConn in the Final 4, but only two have UConn in the Championship game. If UConn loses to Kentucky on Saturday, then our winner will be crowned that night. If UConn heads to the National Championship game, we'll have two West Virginia University alums matched up against each other for the Onions title. Here are the three finalists:

Lindsay Hampton: 150 total points (If UConn loses on Saturday, Lindsay is our winner)
Lindsay Spieler: 125 total points (Has UConn losing in champ. game - max potential points: 225)
Brady Smith: 125 total points (Has UConn winning it all - max potential points: 375)

Lots of things in common amongst our three finalists: two of them went to WVU, two of them played D1 -college volleyball (hint: Brady didn't play college VB), two of them share a name, two of them got married last June (not to each other), all of them dominate and all of them are loyal readers to Daily Onions. To find out more about one of these folks, you'll just have to wait to see who wins and gets their very own Daily Onions blog entry.

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  1. Daily Onions Fun Fact: while Brady did not technically play Division I college volleyball, he went on to star in intramural leagues for four years in Chicago. Another fun fact = Brady was the sports information director for volleyball at West Virginia, meaning he spent a portion of his days trying to get publicity for Lindsay Spieler and make her a superstar.