Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's On: Southwest Region

Not as easy as the Southeast, but not as tough as the East or the West. That's where the Southwest Region lives right now. In many of the media picks we've seen thus far, Kansas seems to be the favorite coming out of this region, and we'll most likely agree. As there are in each region, some interesting match ups along the way. Let's take a look:

Upset Alert: #12 Richmond vs. #5 Vanderbilt. Not really sure what we are thinking here. Maybe we aren't that high on Vanderbilt because their home court has benches on the baseline instead of the sidelines. Maybe we like Richmond because they are Spiders, or because they won their conference tournament in Atlantic City ("Always Turned On"). Either way, we wouldn't be surprised to see Richmond knock off Vandy. Regardless of who wins this one, that will be their only win of the tournament and will exit stage left in Round 2 against Louisville.

Rock-Chalk: Another double-word score with Chalk. The top of this bracket should have Kansas cruise past their first and second round opponent. We say "cruise" in the sense that Kansas doesn't soil themselves like they did last year against Northern Iowa, or previous years against Bradley and Bucknell in the early rounds.We think they'll meet Louisville in the Sweet 16, before taking down a team from Indiana (suspense!) in the Elite 8.

Indiana's Finest: We don't see too many upsets at the bottom of the bracket, maybe #10 FSU over #7 Texas A & M. If all goes to plan, we'll have an Elite 8 match up between two of Daily Onions favorite teams throughout the year #3 Purdue and #2 Notre Dame. Two teams from the great basketball state of Indiana, two teams with senior leadership, two teams with solid coaches, two teams battling deep in the heart of Texas (San Antonio) for a chance to go to the Elite 8. It pains me to go against Daily Onions crush, JaJuan Johnson, but we'll take the Irish in this one. Early on, this is our favorite Sweet 16 match up to watch.

Now that you've seen our picks for region, show us YOUR onions. Send us an email (jrsacks22@gmail.com) with your Elite 8, Final 4 and Championship game (winner) picks, or post them in the comments section!

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