Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Can Get With This...

Or you can get with that. Not sure what's up with the song-themed titles this week, but hopefully this one is more enjoyable to have stuck in your head today. A few random thoughts from the sports world to get you through this hump day.

-For those of you that saw the movie The Fighter (which we highly recommend), it looks like Tony Allen opted for "head, face, head, face" instead of "head, body, head, body" in an altercation with OJ Mayo. Really? You both make a crap load of money playing basketball for a living, but you feel it necessary to get in a fight over a card game on a team flight. You guys are teammates, remember? Really? Grow up.

Sidney, left, looks like he's done this before (AP Photos)
-In other teammates fighting news, Renardo Sidney of Mississippi State was reinstated to the team after a altercation in the stands with team captain Elgin Bailey last month at the Diamond Head Classic tournament in Hawaii (Seriously, who fights in Hawaii?). Sidney is the same kid that was a high school All-American, but then had to sit out all of last season due to NCAA eligibility issues. He had played in just two games this season prior to the fight, scoring 31 points total. So the high school All-American is back with the team, and the junior captain who averaged 5 ppg, 4 rrpg so far this season is.....transferring. Oh, ok. Makes sense.

-I'm not sold on Kemba Walker. I said it when UConn lost to Pitt last week, and now I will say it again after they lost to Notre Dame last night. Not sure exactly why, just a gut feeling. In his first two years on campus, he was an erratic point guard/2-guard that was an atrocious shooter from the outside. He's improved that part of his game and has been great this year. Its pretty tough to find flaws in his game, especially when looking at his stats this season (26.7 ppg, 5 rpg, 3.8 apg, 2 spg, 2 topg, 48% FG, 84% FT). The fact the Huskies next leading scorer only averages 10 ppg, worries me a bit (or makes me smile, as a Syracuse fan). Maybe its my anti-UConn bias that can't give Kemba the credit he deserves, but I don't think the shoot-first PG will bring the Huskies a Big East title, or a deep run in the tournament. He was unstoppable early on when UConn beat Kentucky and Michigan State.  Now as the season progresses and the tough get going in Big East play, UConn has dropped its last two.

-Pittsburgh finally played its first "true road game" last night and squeaked out a 4 point win at Providence. The Panthers could be 17-1, when Syracuse comes to town for the finale of Big E Hoops weekend.

-It was awesome seeing Andrew Luck dominate on Monday night in the Orange Bowl - kid is the real deal. Then last night, another exciting BCS Bowl game as Ohio State held off Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. Let's keep the momentum going and watch the National Championship game between Auburn and Oregon tonight, or even tomorrow night. But no, we'll wait another 5 days until that game (Monday, January 10th). Come on BCS, if you aren't giving us a playoff, at least give us a favorable viewing schedule.

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