Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be Our Guest...Blogger

Daily Onions aims to please its audience and we like to invite reader participation. Just under a month ago, we had Brady Smith preview Big E Hoops Weekend. Today, we welcome friend and colleague, Carter Jordan to Daily Onions. For the entire basketball season, Carter has staked his claim that Tennessee (his alma mater) is one of the best/most exciting teams in the country (men's team, not women's). Daily Onions has chronicled The Vols erratic play throughout the year in this space. We invited Carter to present his case to Daily Onions Nation. Without further adieu, Mr. Carter Jordan... 

So,  first things…I am a true Big Orange fan and have no idea what Salt City is.  Definitely not being invited back right out of the gates.  However, that is my brash nature and probably the reason that I have been urged to state my case for the Tennessee Volunteers as one of the 5 most exciting teams in college basketball. (Editor's Note: Volunteer Orange is a light orange, so let's not call it Big Orange.)

Pearl returns tonight vs. UK (AP)
As we are less than 24 hours away from the return of the Pearl of College Basketball, I am sure that we are the same amount of time away from a transition of the Vols to a title contender.  Tony Jones, who may be the most awkward coach in history (I never realized how out of place a coach could look until I found myself noticing the space between TJ’s collar and his neck during a post game interview) is stepping aside and letting Keith Sweat back to frantically pace the sidelines.  This is what this team needs; A cardiac coach who can inject his frantic nature into the hearts of some of the most gifted athletes in college basketball.  Two five star recruits (Kid ‘n Play and Baby Lebron) along with a cat-quick Goins, a lanky finisher in Tatum and an inspired Brian Williams, who is playing beyond potential since his removal from the starting lineup, are gearing up for a tough stretch against a formidable SEC East over the final half of the conference schedule. (Editor's Note: For some reason, Carter refers to Tobias Harris as Baby LeBron because of his do-it-all nature and body type. Daily Onions wouldn't go THAT far, but we are jealous that Harris chose Volunteer Orange over Syracuse Orange last year.)

Vol Nation has lots of love for Harris (Getty)
Vol Nation has grown considerably over the last 5 years, picking up many non-alumni fans along the way (Editor's Note: Daily Onions loyal reader Ramy Nammour, "The Monmouth Man", states Pearl is his favorite college basketball coach).  Who cares if some of that has to do with aforementioned people taking their shirts off and cheering in the student section, or barbecues and such….the majority of this rise from the awful days of BuzzBall (if you’re the best man at MJ’s wedding and go from UT to Coastal to Appy St, you suck!) is EARNED!  Were talking 141-53 in the last 5+ years, 4 sweet sixteens, a No. 1 ranking, 4-0 against top five teams at home, and all while coaching on a court called “The Summit”.   

Who cares about the Jekyll and Hyde they’ve pulled with Pitt/Nova thrashings to Oakland CC/Charlotte Prep losses, that’s part of the fever! They are here to ensure you are always left in complete bewilderment.  Coming from a guy who grew up in the heart of ACC country, honing his game from the likes of Stith, Gugliotta, and Harpring (Editor's note: Never thought Bryant Stith would make his way into Daily Onions...amazing), I can tell you completely unbiased (lie) that these UT teams of late produce some of the fastest, high-flying games in college basketball, night in and out.  We are looking at a Cat/Gator week that will end with two hard fought victories and control of the SEC east.  Please know that sanctions will not prevail, hearts will not fade, and the Southeast will rise again.  

From Knox Vegas, Yours Truly,

Steevler McPearlit  (The three white guys on the bench)

P.S. Was told to try and fail rather than never succeed…hence, me writing. 

(Editor's Note: No failing grade here; a job well done from our guest blogger.)

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