Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Send It In Jerome....

Today is a special day for Daily Onions. If what happened 24 years ago, never happened...we're not sure Daily Onions would be here today.

Of course, what we are referencing is the Jerome Lane dunk that shattered the backboard and eventually led to Bill Raftery's call of "SEND IT IN JEROME".

Check out this video of current Arizona head coach Sean Miller, talking about that moment (with audio from Raftery's call and commentary). Miller was the Pitt player that had the assist on the dunk. Many of our West Virgnia readers will probably agree that this is the best thing ever to come out of Pitt.

It's great to hear a younger Raftery not only make the SEND IT IN call, but the follow up explanation of the play, in which he says "This is amazing...a good dish...but he's ready right by the foul line...bring it down and bring it home, Jerome."(make sure to watch the whole video as Raftery talks about "inferior equipment and superior manpower.") Classic, Bill.

One last note, this call led to one of my finest broadcasting memories. When Rutgers upset Syracuse in 2003 at the RAC, Jerome Coleman was on fire from deep, absolutely lighting up the Orange. After his fourth or fifth three pointer from way behind the line and the crowd going crazy, I obviously had to throw out a "Send it in, Jerome." Respect.

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