Friday, December 2, 2011

Order of Onions for the Hoyas

Before we get into last night's action, let's talk about Onions. Bill Raftery coined the phrase for when players come up with big time shots down the stretch. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, better than a classic Raftery "ONIONS" call. We can talk all about his other phrases and made up words that Raftery goes to throughout a game, but Onions is what we all want. Here is one of our favorite examples of an classic Onions call from last year's NCAA tournament.

Since it's Friday, here's another CLASSIC Raftery call, along w/ Gus Johnson. I wish we had a camera on what Gus and Bill looked like as they were doing this. I mean you have a couple of Onions calls from Raftery, you have Gus going nuts, even letting out a "Larry Bird" (where'd that come from), and you get a lot of weird noises.

Anyway, back to current day. To follow up the Big Ten-ACC Challenge, last night kicked off the two day Big East-SEC Challenge. While tonight's games between Syracuse and Florida, and Louisville and Vanderbilt will get most of the hype, a few of last night's games had some classic finishes. Before we get to that, let it be known that Kentucky put a spanking on St. John's behind the ridiculous 15-15-8 (blocks) line from super frosh Anthony Davis. Providence got one back for the Big East with their nine point win over South Carolina.

The two exciting finishes featured Ole Miss getting a running layup in the final seconds of the game to break a tie and defeat DePaul in the suburbs of Chicago.

The best game of the evening was between unranked Georgetown and #12 Alabama, in Tuscaloosa. Bama used a 10-0 run in the final minutes to take a 55-54 lead with 12 seconds to play in the game. In a perfect world, Raftery would have been calling this game, but he wasn't. Regardless, Hollis Thompson w/ an order of Onions for the Hoyas.

This is a huge victory for the Hoyas, who have now knocked off Memphis and Alabama early on this season. Expect G'town to join the Top 25 next week.

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